Want to take control of your acts’ futures but didn’t quite make the managers development program cut for last year? AMIN and the Association of Artist Managers (AAM) are pleased to announce the release of a series of podcasts recorded during the CONTROL program last November.

Featuring discussions and workshops given by some of Australia’s leading music managers and industry specialists, subjects range from artist management to attracting investment, social media and more. Series installments are set to land weekly, hosted on an alternating basis through the AMIN and AAM sites, and featuring the likes of Rob Antulov, Cath Haridy, Rob Antulov, Will Lanarch Jones, Andy Kelly and Claire Evans.

The success of CONTROL over the past three years has seen unprecedented development in the effectiveness and growth of local artist managers, yet the 2012/2013 program marks the end of the initial funding commitment. AMIN and AAM are working towards securing further funding for the program in the near future.

Listen to the Podcasts here