Last chance to submit Live Performance Return – cut off Friday 31 July!

The cut off to submit your Live Performance Review through APRA AMCOS is fast approaching – Friday 31 July!

More than $4 million is distributed each year to members who take the time to lodge an LPR for that financial year. For many, an LPR payment provides the funds to keep touring, register a car, fund a new guitar case or, in the case of emerging hip hop artist Briggs, buy a new pair of sneakers. Long after the cheer of the live crowd has died down and the performance fee spent, LPR is the gig that keeps on giving.

“Completing your LPR takes less time than lodging your BAS. But instead of having to send money out – an LPR is money coming in – a reward for the hard work of playing live,” said Dean Ormston, Head of Member Services Group. “LPR payments are important to members at all stages of their career cycle. From new acts honing their performance skills or seasoned performers, the feedback is LPR payments provide a welcome cash bonus, and recognition,” said Dean.

Many musicians wish they had started lodging LPRs earlier, realising this is a crucial payment but also a boost to self-worth and the importance of rights ownership. “As an artist, its important to recognise your self-worth – remember that your performance is worth something. As soon as I learned about LPRs I jumped online and lodged my performances from that year. As an artist you owe it to yourself to collect earnings for your work,” Briggs said.

Visit the APRA AMCOS website for more details.