APRA AMCOS funding grants now open

Applications are now open for APRA AMCOS funding grants for the 2015/6 period.


  • Applications Close: 31 May 2015
  • Review by APRA Board: July/ August 2015
  • Successful Applicants Notified: August 2015
  • Grants must be used by: 30 June 2016

Before you apply, think about how an APRA AMCOS member might benefit from being involved in your project.

Would they have the opportunity to:

  • Develop songwriting or composition skills?
  • Receive public recognition for their talent?
  • Collaborate and co-write new songs or compositions?
  • Showcase their talent to a wider audience?
  • Learn about the music industry to further their music career?


  • the requisite “purpose” may consist of an organisation or particular project;
  • the primary aim of the organisation or project must be the promotion of use or recognition of Australian or New Zealand musical compositions rather than recordings or recording artists;
  • the promotion of “use” may relate to broadcasts, recordings, communications to the public or other activities that increase the commercial circulation or public awareness of Australian or New Zealand compositions;
  • the promotion of “recognition” may relate to awards or other forms of public acclaim for Australian or New Zealand compositions;
  • the use or recognition may be within Australia or New Zealand or in foreign countries;
  • preference will be given, in making grants, to projects or organisations that broadly benefit the interests of Australian or New Zealand composers and songwriters, as opposed to those which benefit an individual writer or small number of writers;
  • preference will be given to those applicants who can demonstrate a proven ability to plan and execute projects, or establish and maintain organisations, which benefit Australian and New Zealand music;
  • preference will be given to those organisations or projects which are non-profit in nature, although commercial projects are not excluded from eligibility;
  • projects or organisations which fail to comply with financial reporting or other performance review requirements determined by the Board will thereafter be ineligible for further grants;
  • sponsorship or other financial contributions from third parties to a project or organisation applying will be considered an advantage in assessing an application;
  • although the funding is intended to apply to projects or organisations seeking grants, consideration will be given to those projects for which underwriting finance is sought.

To apply and for more information head to the APRA AMCOS website here.