APRA AMCOS deliver $46 million in royalties

APRA AMCOS members have recently received their quarterly performance royalty payments, sharing in just over $46 million, which includes $6m in overseas royalties.

This end of year distribution also pays members for the live performances of their work, as reported through Live Performance Returns (LPRs).

The 2013/14 financial year saw an increase of 51% in the number of LPRs received from members over the last decade with over $4 million distributed in LPR royalties last week. The LPR annual payment initiated in 1980, rewards members for the live performance of their works, whether performed by themselves or others. All songwriter and composer members whose works were performed live in Australia, New Zealand or internationally are eligible to submit an LPR.

The LPR rate per work fluctuates year-on-year and is subject to the health of the live music sector generally. This year the rate increased from $1.79 to $1.81, the highest rate to date.

APRA AMCOS Head of Member Services Group, Dean Ormston, said the LPR system delivered a payment to a large and diverse section of the working membership.

“LPR payments are important to members at all stages of their career cycle. Whether new acts honing their performance skills or seasoned performers, the feedback is LPR payments provide a welcome cash bonus, and recognition. For some it’s a tank of petrol, and for others new equipment.

In 2015 APRA AMCOS will launch stage one of their Member App which will include the option of saving setlists and submitting LPRs whenever suits. Our goal is to grow the value of LPR payments, simplify administration and move to quarterly payments from November 2015.”

APRA AMCOS is one of a handful of performance rights organisations globally which offer live performance payments to its members and touring overseas songwriters.

Country music songwriter said Troy Cassar-Daley his first LPR was a crucial payment for moving his career forward.  My first LPR in 1991 paid for desperately needed new tyres on my EH Holden station wagon. Without my wagon I couldn’t have gone on tour that year. It seems funny now but a lot happened for my career because of those new tyres. They gave me the traction I needed to keep going!”

For more information visit the APRA AMCOS website.