AMIN airline baggage survey for touring artists

Few issues continue tplaneo dog artists more than trying to deal with excess baggage fees and limitations when touring with musical equipment.

And now, AMIN is taking a lead in efforts to deal with this ongoing problem that, in some cases, is having a serious impact on artists’ ability to tour effectively.

In late January, AMIN will be meeting as part of a taskforce initiated by airline V Australia to develop some strategies to address the problem. And in order to guide those discussions, AMIN is compiling a snapshot of how artists use airlines to tour – both domestically and internationally – and the issues faced when touring with instruments and other gear.

AMIN has now launched the first ever major online survey for artists looking at this issue. Responses to the brief survey will play a major role in finding a solution to this ongoing problem.

To get involved, take the survey by clicking HERE.

Keep your eye on this site for more updates soon.