SLAM Day Rally

On 23 February 2010, the SLAM Day rally saw 20,000 people march through Melbourne to the tune of AC/DC’s definitive Long Way To The Top in protest against the Victorian Government’s misguided policy link between live music and violence, going down as the largest cultural protest in Australia’s history.

Last year the movement expanded, National SLAM Day seeing shows all over Australia that helped celebrate the importance of live original music and the need to support artists and venues. In 2013, National SLAM Day will be taking things to the next level on Saturday 23 February, with more opportunities to show your support for live music around the nation than ever before.

It’s free now to register your show or event, proudly supported by AMIN. For any enquiries, please email And be sure to mark the date in your diary to help celebrate live music on the 23rd next month!

Register for National SLAM Day here