RELEASE Podcasts 2015

The following podcasts were recorded at the RELEASE Workshop in late 2015 at Hepburn Springs. The RELEASE program is a business sustainability program for Independent record labels run by the AMIN, in association with the Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR), and Independent Music New Zealand (IMNZ), with support from the Australian Government.

The podcast content is relevant to not only independent record label owners but to anyone working in the contemporary music industry.

AMIN is pleased to share these podcasts with the Australian music industry and if you are a manager that is interested in participating in AMIN’s CONTROL management program  in November, keep an eye on our website in the second half of 2016 for updates and have a listen to the 2015 CONTROL program here.


david court

David Court is Subject Leader, Screen Business at the Australian Film Television & Radio School. He has been involved in the financing of more than a dozen film and television productions including John Weiley’s Antarctica, Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom, Dean Cavell’s The Wiggles Movie, Jerzy Domaradski’s Lilian’s Story, Robert Connolly’s The Bank, Guy Gross’s Old Tom, Andrew Horne’s The Animated Leunig and Don Featherstone’s The One Percenters.

Podcast content: David explores the arguments for growing a music business and elaborates on the economics of scope and scale, including building bargaining power, visibility, income smoothing and horizontal integration.


Andy Bryan has been working within the Australian Music business for over 25 years. During his 15 year tenure at EMI, Andy spearheaded Virgin Records through their most successful period, accumulating more Aria Awards than any other label during his 5 years as label head. Andy  has delivered key marketing strategies for artists as diverse as The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys, Ben Harper, Silverchair, Missy Higgins, The Cat Empire, You Am I and the Spice Girls amongst hundreds of others. Since his departure in 2008 Andy immediately set up the management/marketing consultancy company “Fingerless Glove Projects” alongside being  owner & CEO of the Sydney based indie label Stop Start Music and co-founder of PR company Six Boroughs Media.

Podcast content: Andy examines alignment and the importance of artist, management and label all working together on releases to get the most out of all value propositions. (Craig Pearce and Terry McBride also make contributions to the topic)



Julia is an entertainment lawyer with the firm, Brett Oaten Solicitors.  Julia previously ran her own management company for eight years and looked after singer/songwriter, Andy Bull and producer, Tony Buchen as well as acting as secretary of the board of FBi Radio for 10 years and running her own independent record label.  Before that, Julia worked at the Sydney law firm Gilbert + Tobin.

Podcast content: Julia talks about fundraising and funding label activities, including the better long term value that streaming can offer music businesses.



Terry McBride is the current CEO and one of three founders of the Nettwerk Music Group, which includes Nettwerk Productions (Canada’s largest independent record label), Nettwerk Management (artist and producer management), Nettwerk One (publishing), and Artwerks (graphic and fashion design). Founded in McBride’s apartment in 1984, Nettwerk has corporate offices in Vancouver, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Hamburg and London. Since its inception, Nettwerk has released over 600 different albums and sold over 160 million albums worldwide with such renown artists as Avril Lavigne, Coldplay, Dido, Fun, Wanting, Passenger and Sarah McLachlan.

Podcast content: In this podcast, Terry talks about why he believes streaming is the way of the future, the importance of alignment and transparency in the music business and understanding market nuances.



Craig Pearce

As the co-founder of Triple M Management Ltd, Craig Pearce is the co-manager and tour manager for The Black Seeds and the full-time manager of The Phoenix Foundation. He has represented both bands and other acts such as Lawrence Arabia and Connan Mockasin since 2006; in the process releasing more than a dozen LPs and EPs in all territories across the world. He also has an extensive list of international and domestic tours under his belt, which span Europe, the US, Canada, the Pacific, Australia and NZ. On top of being a self-confessed spreadsheet geek, Craig loves nothing more than budgeting, accounting and “finding” royalties.

Podcast content: Craig talks about business management during the shift towards digital and beyond – he also discusses the relative stability that streaming can offer.



Dr Chris Stevens is an internationally recognised expert in the area of creativity and innovation. He provides consultation and training that allows people and organisations to successfully adapt to rapid technological, market and social change.  Chris has published articles on personal adjustment, creativity, insight and constructive outlooks and has been a contributor to leading marketing and branding journals.  He has personally consulted with the CEO’s of major media networks and has trained thousands of creative and other staff and managers in his uniquely practical approach to developing creativity and innovation.

Podcast # 1 content: In the first of two podcasts from Dr Chris on the value of soft skills to a label, he suggests ways of dealing with stress in business, including recognising natural responses to stressful situations (fight or flight), links between mental and physical health and success, perseverance and error recognition.

Podcast #2 content: Dr Chris Stevens talks about the power of mindsets and the repercussions of having a fixed mindset vs neuroplasticity when working within a music business and getting the most out of colleagues, artists and one’s self.

Deal Making Podcast: In this podcast Terry McBride, Andy Bryan, Julia Kosky & Craig Pearce talk about distribution deals and the power of data for record labels. The discussion evolves to look at the best bang for buck for international distribution deals and beyond.