MusicNSW is the Peak Body for Contemporary Music in NSW.


MusicNSW are a not for profit Industry Association set up to represent, promote and develop the contemporary music industry in New South Wales, Australia, in addition to managing a number of Music Development projects. They exists to support the creative and economic expansion of the NSW contemporary Music Industry through advocacy, resource assistance, activating growth of industry infrastructure, delivery of tailored initiatives and provision of advice and referrals.

Our objectives are to:

  • To ensure that the interests of the NSW contemporary music industry are adequately addressed by the media, government and cultural bodies.
  • To empower communities around NSW to retain their musical identity and foster audiences for local material.
  • To provide the NSW contemporary music industry with advice and resources and have available systemised information that can be updated regularly and disseminated widely.
  • To increase industry professionalism and skills at all levels and sectors of the NSW contemporary music industry through education and training.
  • To develop regional, national and international recording and performance opportunities for NSW musicians.
  • To provide coordination services between musicians, grass roots music organisations, industry bodies and government bodies.

Advocacy and Representation
MusicNSW continues to grow and develop in its representation and advocacy role.

With increasing demands for assistance from the range of sectors that make up the industry and government at all levels, MusicNSW takes an active role in developing statewide strategies to improve services to contemporary music

Project Development
MusicNSW continues to develop projects based on identified industry needs. Through our core projects (Indent and Sound Summit) MusicNSW develops programs specific to increasing access and opportunities to and within the music industry.

For more information on our projects see:


There are a number of grant opportunities available to musicians through major Arts funding bodies. If you are applying as a single applicant, you can apply directly to these funding bodies. However, if your grant application involves two or more applicants, there are a number of funding bodies that require group applications to be incorporated organisations and not for profit. As MusicNSW is both incorporated and not for profit, we offer our service as an auspicing body to enable group applicants to apply for the funds. Types of funding may include: grants, scholarships, or partnership programs. For more information, check out the FAQ section, HERE.

Advice and Resources
MusicNSW is available to individuals, businesses, organisations and other groups to advise on industry issues, while providing an increasing range of information and advice to the NSW music industry. Visit our RESOURCE section or CONTACT US.

Networking and Communication
MusicNSW acts as a conduit to the contemporary music industry, enabling widespread access to industry information and opportunities.

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